Friday, August 3, 2007

#1 - Down the Highway . . . with Ron and Bonnie

Greetings family and friends . . .

With Ron's retirement this past June, we finally reached a point in life where we could take a less structured vacation without a specific "back to work" date.

We bought a motor home in 2006, took a few shakedown cruises to Birch Bay and the Long Beach peninsula, and we're now ready to strike out on a more extensive vacation. Our plans are sketchy and tentative, but the general concept is to wander eastward through Idaho and Montana as far as South Dakota. After exploring the Black Hills and viewing Mt. Rushmore, we plan to return via Wyoming and Oregon with a possible stop in Boise.

As we roll down the highway, we'll be posting some of our interesting experiences and photos. We invite you to visit this site and follow our journey.

Long Beach sunset - July 2007